Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Melissa!!

(this is being posted a day early!)

Today is a great day in the history of the world. Today, May 4th, is Melissa Louise* Feil's BIRTHDAY (*small side note: not technically her middle name. When we were growing up, I felt bad that she didn't have a middle name so I gave her one)! She is one of the greatest people I've ever known and probably one of the greatest people who has ever lived. So, in honor of her birthday, this post is dedicated to some of my favorite memories and things about MELISSA!
I think this is the first picture of us together-- not including class photos
Melissa and I met in 2nd grade. I don't recall the circumstances, but I do remember that we bonded over being the smallest in our class. It was a source of pride for us that we always ended up in the front row for class pictures, and we always made were sitting side-by-side (I couldn't find any copies of these pictures :( ). If I remember correctly, we both had crushes on Colby Stringham and Ranley Koyle. I think every girl in our class had a crush on Colby and when Aprilee Garner told Colby she liked him and he told her he didn't like her back, she cried and cried. I still have pictures that we drew of each other (which wouldn't scan in for your eyeball's enjoyment), and I think at one point we discussed Lorena Bobbit because she was in the news and we didn't really understand what was going on. Later on, Megan Cannon told us what sex was one day while we were playing tag. Melissa and I didn't believe her and thought she was lying, until we asked our parents. I am forever in Megan's debt :).

In 5th grade, Melissa and I were assigned to different teachers at Adelaide Elementary. I cried and begged and cried and my mom went and talked to the principal and explained to him that with 2 handicapped siblings, I had enough stress in my life and needed to be with my friend. So we got in the same class (however by 6th grade, we were in separate classes and my mom told me to deal with it). For a pretend ad presentation in that class, Melissa had her little brother Zach ride in on his skateboard while a Sheryl Crow song was playing. I thought that was the coolest idea (I still do). In 6th grade, the leader of our little group of friends decided that I couldn't be in the group anymore. She told all the other girls that they couldn't talk to or be friends with me. But Melissa didn't care, and she was friends with me anyway. That was a life saver for little ol' 6th grade me! And I think it was around this time that Zach asked me if I would marry him someday, and Melissa and I thought that wasn't a bad plan, because then I could be a real Hallows like I always dreamed! One day around this time, we were playing in our swimsuits in Melissa's backyard and a makeshift hammock was hanging in the tree, so we pulled the straps of our suits down and posed in the hammock so it would look like we were naked and we posed and had Chris take pictures (sorry, Ann! I know you're probably mortified!). We were so scandalous!!

We loved to swap toys and Melissa always had the best dolls. She let me borrow her Quints dolls and I think one of my mom's babysitting kids tore one of the doll's hair out. I was so upset and embarrassed and I made my mom buy a new set of Quints for Melissa and I kept the one that had no hair left (I still have it, too). We also loved to swap clothes, and it was great because we were the same size forever. I loved borrowing all her fancy shoes, especially the ones she bought in Europe while on the Euro trip in high school (I was so jealous that she was going with Annie and Kallie. I thought she would come back with all these inside jokes and inside experiences that I would get left out of. I needn't have worried, though :). Melissa has always been so giving, no matter what it is!

Melissa and Matt Hawkes, circa 2002?
Melissa and I have always shared similar tastes in music, and I remember we used to love Nirvana's "Rape Me" (yeah, ignore the title...) and The Smashing Pumpkins "Rat in a Cage," and when we heard them on the radio, we would blast the song and sing at the top of our lungs. I remember being in a car with boys at one point when one of those songs came on and we made them turn it up really loud and we sang as loud as we could, and I remember them looking at us in fear like we were totally crazy.

We've always been awesome. We were trying on clothes at Fred Meyer, 1999?
Melissa's family has always felt like my family and they have always been so welcoming to me my entire life. My family didn't get to go on family outings much, and once the Hallows' invited me camping. I was so excited; I had never camped in a trailer before (that I remembered) and I had never seen a sky at night lit up with so many stars. I remember I tried to be on my best behavior so that her family wouldn't regret bringing me! I spent so much of my childhood and teenage years at their house that everyone who came to their house knew me, including all the boys that came over to spend time with the famous "Hallows girls." I was acting really goofy one night and Melissa started singing, "Carly, Carly, what you been drinking? Smells like water, tastes like wine, oh my gosh, it's turpentine!" I think I recall Jake Veigel even singing that to me one time!

I remember in high school the first time Melissa met Mark Feil. I think she even pointed him out to me in the hall and told me she thought he was cute and that she loved his hair (he did have awesome hair). And so, during an assembly when he was on stage, up front, playing the hell out of-- I think it was a saxophone--Melissa ran up and put a dollar in his pocket (it may even have been my dollar that I gave her for that specific purpose). And the rest is history!

And it all started with a dollar... :)
Melissa and I were lucky enough to be able to attend BYU's Education Week almost every summer starting in 9th grade (I think) all the way until we were 18 or 19. It was so much fun to spend a week with Melissa and Heidi and stay at her Grandma's house. I have so many pictures from that time that it was hard to choose just a few! We had some ridiculous times and met some weird boys and had lots of fun. I remember Melissa insisting on working out, even though we were supposed to be on a mini-vacation, and I ate ding-dongs and watched her work out. Cuz I'm supportive like that!

Why did we crimp our hair so much?!  and DANG we are hot!!
After high school, Melissa and I went our separate ways for a while, ending up in different colleges and different cities. We didn't talk as much as I think we should have. Melissa was always there for me and I was too busy with stupid boys and school to keep my Ultimate Best Friend in mind. I wasn't there for Melissa when she needed me, and I'll never forgive myself for that.

I have never met a more generous and kind person in my life. I honestly can't remember a single instance of Melissa being mean to anyone. Whenever I talk to her, she's making something for someone or doing favors for someone because that's just the kind of person she is. She has done everyone's wedding flowers, bridesmaids dresses, wedding cakes, treats for showers and get-togethers, custom clothing... you name it, she'll do it, no matter what state you live in or how well she knows you or the cost! And as everyone knows, she is super crafty and creative. She has made me the cutest diaper bags, headbands, skirts for my girls, everything. I get compliments on all the amazing things she makes me all the time. I feel so lucky that I get to be a recipient for some of her amazing creativity!

When I got married in Washington with only 3 witnesses, Melissa didn't act upset at all- she simply offered her help for our party! And when we had the party, she drove up to Logan and stayed the whole time and helped serve cake and clean up and she did it all with a big smile. When I found out I was pregnant, Melissa was probably the 2nd person I told-- after my husband!

It has been so fun to grow up with Melissa and know that she knows everything about me-- all the good, the bad, and the ugly-- and she loves me anyway. She knows my faults, she knows my opinions and beliefs, and it hasn't changed the way she sees me at all. There were times years ago when I felt like because of the choices I had made that I was no longer accepted by anyone anywhere. Melissa was the exception to that. I felt better about myself knowing that she still loved me and cared about me and wanted to be my friend. Melissa really and truly shaped the person I am today, and I really like who I am today, so I owe her a big thank you! She has done more than she'll ever know and I can't thank her enough. I have been so lucky to have her as my ULTIMATE BEST FRIEND for 20 years, and I can't wait to see how the next 20 years shape our lives and our friendship.

I love you, Melissa! UBF 4eva! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Lissa, hope I didn't embarrass you!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

we miss you summer :-(

My sister Kim just sent me this pick of us at Lake Powell, it was so so fun to be with family and soak up the sun. I miss the heat.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My little Evie-bean

For some reason Evie acquired the nick-name bean and now its stuck! I guess cause she's so little still we started calling her bean! This girl melts my heart though. She is so spunky, energetic and funny, I love that her personality is coming out more & more, so cute! She's actually walking a lot too! She will be 1 in a month. She is also starting to tease and understand my teasing which is so fun! Mark & I love her to pieces!!

Playing at great grandma davis's! She wouldn't hold still so sorry for the crappy pic!
We never see Mark these days because of work and school so when he had to go to a doctors appointment we tagged along so we could get to see him! Evie loves her daddy, the other day she was actually awake when he was leaving and she was following him where ever he went and then didn't want him to leave so she sat against the front door! They definately love each other!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our crazy, fun, AMAZING summer!!

We had a great summer! So nice to have Mark off school for once in our married life! The summer started out with a trip to New York at the end of May. We visited my sister Becky and her husband Jake and their cute kids James and Jackson in Itheca, it's gorgeous there!!

Mark loved kyaking with Jake and thanks Jake cause he now wants one! Ha ha. Becky is an amazing cook and made us the most delicious dinners, it was so fun to just spend time together running, chatting, playing with the kids, having a campfire, shopping, so fun! You guys were great hosts and tour guides, thank you!! We always miss Becky, Jake, James and Jackson so it was so nice to catch up and see their adorable new house and beautiful area.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We are lovin the heat baby! For those of you that know me, the hotter the better is how I like it!
Evie sure cracks us up these days, her little personality is just coming through stronger and stronger! She does this hilarious cough-laugh that makes us bust up! I think she is understanding a bit too much about nursing too because she'll crawl over and put her open mouth on me when she's hungry!
She loves crawling up the stairs as fast as she can before mom can grab her, and she's starting to see how long she can stand by herself!
Evie also loves swimming and water, it's so cute. She loves to pull this funny face! Even when she falls face first into the water she still gets up grinning. When Mark or I shower without her she gets mad and pulls herself up to the tub to protest, her little mad protests are so hilarious!
And I guess we'll keep her after all because she's started to do so much better at night, going right down and waking up only once or twice!

Friday, May 14, 2010

We {heart} Arizona!!

We had so much fun visiting Arizona again at the end of April to meet miss Allie and play! Allie is adorable and it was so fun to see how big Evie looks next to her!!

Evie really wanted to eat Allie's hand!

We had so much fun swimming and playing!

We got to go and have school lunch with Syd and Mia, it was fun to see their silly friends and talk to them! I always love getting to go to their gymnastics lessons, they get better and better every time and look so cute in their leotards!

School lunch is so cool.

Syd is so tender and cute with Allie. Syd and Mia both spoiled Evie rotten; playing with her, getting toys for her, singing to her and running to her aid if she ever made a peep! They are perfect big sisters.

At the end of the week Chris and Abby drove in from Flagstaff and to play. We loved seeing you guys!! We got to go to the fanciest restaurant for dinner for my birthday, and Chris and Ger put up with a shopping trip to H & M where I bought my birthday and mothers day gifts! Ha!
Some other highlights of the week were:
Colby's t-ball games, adorable!
Mia's soccer game, she scored the only goal and led her team to victory!
Lunch with Kim's cute girlfriends, they couldn't be more sweet!
Kim forgetting her stroller in the parking lot but leaving the car back up! We were busting up! I probably would have forgotten the kids too with as little sleep as Kim was getting!
Ocean blue frozen yogurt!
Getting to tend Allie, she seriously is so cute
And just playing, playing with the kiddos in the sun, catching up and laughing with Kim, getting spoiled and treated to dinners and just loving our time with family that we miss so much!! Thanks Dovers! We always love time spent with you and you always spoil us!!